Acne Facial Starter Kit

Acne Facial Starter Kit

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Acne Starter Kit

This kit is ideal for salons, therapists and clinics who regularly treat clients with acneic skin or prone to breakouts. The products are designed to cleanse the skin of impurities, prepare skin for manual extraction and soothe post treatment sensitivity. 

The includes:

- Calm Micellar Water (200ml)

- Acne Micellar Gel (500ml)

- Acne Toner (500ml)

- Acne Purifying Softening Mask (200ml)

- Meso Acne (10x5ml)

- Calm Biomimetic Cream (50ml)

- White Serum Deluxe (50ml)

- Acne Finishing Zinc Mask (200ml)

- Calm Mask (500g)

Products from this kits are available for retail, excluding the MESO Acne, mask #1 and mask #2.

Available for retail to clients. 


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