Calming Facial Starter Kit

Calming Facial Starter Kit

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This kit consists of the following products:

- CALM Micellar Water (1000ml)

- CALM Cleanser (500ml)

- CALM Exfoliator (500ml)

- CALM Cream (150ml)

- CALM Serum (100ml)

- CALM Eye (15ml)

- CALM  Mask (500g)

- MESO CALM (10x5ml)

- SPF50 (150ml) 

Ideal for salons, therapists and clinics offering beauty and advanced facials. This kit comes with protocols of use with of MST™ Pen, AquaOxiBrasion™, MESOWAVE™  & Cromlite™.

Detailed information on products is available under CALM Series and UV/SPF Series.


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