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Chemical Peel Starter Kit

Peel Starter Kit
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Chemical Peel Starter Kit 

This kit consists of the following products:

- Pre Peel 1 - Cleansing Milk (500ml)

- Pre Peel 2 - Toner (500ml)

- One Peel (choice of either Glycolic, Mandelic or Lactic - 100ml)

- Post Treatment Neutraliser (500ml)

- Calm Cream (100ml)

- Sunscreen SPF50 (50ml)

Detailed information on products is available under Peel Series and UV/SPF Series.

Ideal for salons, therapists and clinics introducing Chemical Peel treatments; we recommended the added use of serum or creams post treatment as per client concerns. Please refer to description tab for detailed information on peel protocols and products required. Training can be completed with or without the kit; for more information on training please click here.


The kits are the minimum requirement to perform the peel as part of a standard AHA Peel protocol. 

We have launched four new protocols which are available as basic or extended versions of treatment. Additional products are required for each level dependant on whether this is for basic or extended as the following:

  1. Level 1.1 - Suitable for clients new to peels with normal skin (Glycolic, Lactic or Mandelic)
  2. Level 1.2 - suitable for clients new to peels with sensitive or congested skin (Lactic or Mandelic Peels only)
  3. Level 2 - double layering of peels (intermediate peeling)
  4. Level 3 - triple layering of peels (advanced peeling)

Additional products to the starter kit as required per level are listed below:

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