SkinAstute Distribution Limited are the UK and Ireland distributors for DERMEDICS®. Acceptance to Terms & Conditions is required upon creating an account. Once the Terms & Conditions have been accepted you are deemed to be entering a contract with Dermedics UK and will be held liable for breaking the terms of this contract. Dermedics UK reserve the right to amend or change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Please ensure that you read through the terms and conditions carefully.  

Opening an Account

To create an account please visit; new customers are required to upload one proof of qualification in the form of a training certificate when creating the account. Additional qualifications must be emailed to within two working days of creating the account.

Orders placed containing products for which we do not hold proof of qualifications i.e. chemical peels, Micro-needling, etc will be held for 2 working days subject to receiving proof of training which must be submitted via email to After two working days we will refund the order amount for items with outstanding proof of training minus any charges incurred by Dermedics UK. Products for which we have received relevant proof of qualifications will be dispatched.

Where we have received a request to create an account on your behalf; you are authorising Dermedics UK to accept the terms & conditions on your behalf. Once the account has been created, you will be issued a temporary password. Please change this password on your first log-in and familiarise yourself with the terms & conditions within 5 working days or before placing your first order. Should you wish to terminate the contract within the 5 working day period, please email us at and we will close your account. The terms and conditions on your account come into effect either once the 5 day period expires or when you place your order (whichever comes first). For starter kits, the contract becomes effective upon purchase of the training course associated with the kit or purchase of the kit.

Opening Order

Currently at DERMEDICS® UK there are no minimum opening orders. However, we have introduced three starter packages: Silver, Gold & Platinum. These packages consist of pre-selected items including training and complimentary* products with a combined value of £300 up to £1000; subject to product availability.

We also have compiled a series of starter kits for protocols associated with products series and for various treatments i.e. Dermaplaning which are ideal for smaller salons. 

Ordering Process – Products

Orders can be placed on our website at or via email

We advise you to contact us via telephone to discuss your salon requirements prior to placing your initial order.

DERMEDICS® UK require proof of training in the form of certificates for certain products including, but not limited to Chemical Peels, Meso Serums, MST Pen, etc.

Our MESO White serum can only be used for micro-needling (nano 2 needle) by individuals who have trained in Dermedics MESO White using the Dermedics MST Pen.

Orders will not be processed until the proof of training has been provided. The responsibility of ensuring the qualification meets the salon / insurance and any other such requirements as well as the use of products lies with the customer.

DERMEDICS® Peel Series consist of 40% AHA; ensure that you are insured to perform peels of this strength. We offer online conversion courses and strongly recommend completing this course prior performing peel treatments available at

DERMEDICS® Meso Serums: These serums are recommended for use generally with:

  • Mesotherapy electroporation (electrophoresis)
  • ultrasounds (sonophoresis)
  • iontophoresis
  • Micro-needling i.e. derma-roller / dermapen (max 0.25mm) (excluding Meso SHR & Meso White)
  • (if you use needles longer than 0.25mm then apply the serum after around 7-10 minutes from treatment – read MST micro-needle protocols of use)
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Chromology™ Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
  • Vacuum massage by Cellulogy™ and/or CelluDrain™
  • Post abrasion skin care
  • Under algae peel-off beauty mask
  • Under massage cream in manual massages

Serums can only be used post needling except Meso White which must be used with the DERMEDICS® MST Pen using Nano 2 module.

The application timing for MESO Serums (with the exception of MESO WHITE) are:

Needle Length / Time to wait prior to application:

0-0.15mm - used pre-needling

0.15-0.25mm - used immediately post needling

0.25-0.5mm - 5-7 minutes post needling

0.75 - 15-17 minutes post needling

1mm-1.5mm - 20-25 minutes post needling

2-3mm - 30 minutes post needling

We recommend the use of Cromlite™ immediately post needling and prior to serum application.  

Individuals who do not have the DERMEDICS MST Pen can purchase Meso White however this must only be used with Non-Needle Mesotherapy (electroporation).

Our Meso serums are not suitable for use with devices such as Hyaluron Pen or Needle Mesotherapy and any other injectable treatment. 

Product Data Sheets

Our product data sheets are available at Click on each Meso serum to access data sheets. Alternatively you can email us and request data sheets for specific products which we can send to you via email, subject to availability.

Complimentary Products / Special Offers / Sale

During sale periods our delivery time can take longer; items which are out of stock will be placed on back-order and dispatched as soon as we receive stock. We aim to have seasonal offers and sales promoted through our website and social media. 

Once purchased, all items (including products on sale) cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Retail Sales

Majority of our products are available to retail to clients; clients must not be retailed products in professional size. Where products are purchase from Dermedics UK at a sale price (as listed above), we recommend that a similar discount is honoured during retail sales to your clients. It is the responsibility of the salons / clinic to ensure their client is aware of the expiry dates. 

Online Sales

Dermedics do not authorise online sales of products on salon / clinic websites, eBay, Amazon or any other similar channels. By agreeing to the terms and conditions upon creating your account you are entering a contract with Dermedics and will be held liable for breaking the terms of this contract. Items purchased from eBay, Amazon and similar sites may not be authentic; Dermedics is not responsible for any consequences occurring as a result of using these products. 

Dermedics have developed an app which can be downloaded to check the authenticity of products; the app can be downloaded by following clicking here.  

Training academy partners or Sub Distributors are not permitted to sell online via their own websites or eBay, Amazon, Ali Baba, etc. Online sales are restricted only to SkinAstute Distribution Limited as the Distributors for Dermedics UK via The Training Academy and/or Sub Distributors must honour the pricing policy.

Should you wish to become a Dermedics UK Approved Training Partner, please contact us via email at

Starter Kits

Items provided as part of a starter kit, via purchases online or as part of a training course delivered by SkinAstute Distribution Limited or our authorised Sub-Distributors fall inside the scope of these terms and conditions. 

Refunds & Exchange

All orders once placed and paid for are non-refundable. Excluding items for which we do not have proof of qualifications. These products will be refunded prior to dispatch, minus any charges and all other items contained in the order will process.

Resale of Goods

All items, once purchased or provided as part of a Starter Kit cannot be re-sold. Sales on any online platforms such as Social Media or discounted sites including and not limited to Ebay, Amazon, Ali Baba or business own website are not permitted. This applies to professional use and retail products. 


Dermedics UK does not accept any liability for any reactions or complications resulting in the use of any Dermedics products purchased via the website. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they have relevant training and skills to use the products safely and responsibly. All products must be used inline with Period After Opening.


We advise salons and clinics to ensure they have ample stock; DERMEDICS® accepts no liability for items that are unavailable due to stock shortages or lengthy delivery times resulting in loss of revenue. We advise client not to book clients prior to receiving the products.

Period After Opening

All our products have a PAO (period after opening) accompanied with lot numbers that must be adhered to, where there are no expiry dates.

Delivery (products only)

Our general delivery times apply to UK & Ireland only. These are approximate and exclude holiday or sales periods including but not limited to Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays and so forth.

We use various delivery companies which include DPD, UPS, Parcel Force and others where delivery is scheduled for working days (excluding bank holidays and weekends).  Cost of delivery is calculated upon checkout.

Products are dispatched following receipt of payment; not on date of order; delivery can take approximately 2-7* working days for all items in stock.

We aim to notify customers of out of stock items & products within approximately 2-3 working days of placing the order.

Delivery to Ireland and Channel Islands is at additional cost which will be provided based on the weight of the parcel before the order is processed. Please contact us via email to place order for Ireland and Channel Islands.

Delivery (equipment)

We use various delivery companies which include DPD, UPS, Royal Mail and others.

Delivery cost is calculated based on equipment purchased.

Training costs may apply.

Equipment is manufactured to tailor to the needs of the salon; therefore the lead time for delivery is 6-8 weeks (excluding busy holiday periods).

Please contact us for equipment queries via email

These are approximate delivery times and can be longer during our sale / holiday periods.

Discounts & Special Offers

We launch our special offers via newsletters and social media. Discount codes must be applied prior checkout. Orders where discount codes are not entered or applied will be processed as normal and refunds will not be issued. Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Discount codes apply to cosmetics excluding starter kits and devices. Discounts are applied per device where applicable; discounts to starter kits are included the price.

Sample Boxes

We offer sample boxes which are currently available free of charge in the UK; postal charges apply to Ireland & Channel Islands. These are limited to one per salon. Please contact us to request a sample box.

*complimentary items included include products, training and marketing materials.

Marketing Images

Before and after images used in our Social Media, and in our International partners social media (Distributors & Salons) can be re-posted subject to permissions. All images shared must:

  • Credit the original author of the post including name of the Salon or Distributor
  • State the Dermedics treatment protocol followed
  • State the Dermedics products used