MESO White BB Glow Starter Kit & Training
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MESO White BB Glow Starter Kit & Training

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MESO White BB Glow Starter Kit & Training

MESO White BB Glow is the real deal, launched in 2013 with worldwide success in treating several skin concerns associated with hyper-pigmentation safely and effectively. Minimal downtime and no long term side effects. The products used are makeup free and work by inhibiting melanin production rather than concealing creating the BB Glow Glass Skin effect without the use if makeup. 

The MESO White kit includes:

- Calm Cleanser (500ml)

- Calm Micellar Water (1000ml)

- MESO White 


- MESO White Booster 

- White Cream Deluxe (100ml)

- White Serum Deluxe (100ml)

- White Booster (100ml)

- SPF50 (100ml)

- MST Pen

We offer online training with practical assessment for individuals who have purchased Dermedics MST Pen - click here.


Training can be completed as a standalone qualification in BB Glow Mesowhite; this includes a certificate in BB Glow Mesowhite and Micro-Needling or training with the kit.

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